Send Eric to Brandeis

I designed and animated this piece to help fundraiser for an African disability and HIV activist try to raise money for his education. Using a combinations of vector graphics and water color textures, I tried to create a world that felt design-current and handmade.


Pampered Chef "Happy Spoon"

Working with the team at Allied Pixel Freight, I helped create this piece to launch to new brand mark of Pampered Chef, their smiling spoon. I focused on creating fluid morphing transitions between vector objects, as well as designing and animating the multi-character scenes that close out the video.


"Spirit Machine" Opening

I worked as the lead designer for this opening sequence for a historical horror film. By creating dust particles, using flickering lantern-type lights, and applying lens distortion to the scene, we were able to create an eerie 3D world in which the camera discovers mysterious book pages and newspaper clippings that introduce us to the story, then seamlessly transition into the first shot of the film.